Choose natural Yanumi unrefined shea butter

The process of obtaining our unrefined Yanumi shea butter does not use chemicals, which means that the butter retains all the nutrients, thus protecting the skin from free radicals, renewing and moisturizing it, and protecting it from external influences. Its color can vary from beige to light yellow or even light green, it has a characteristic smell that quickly disappears after application to the skin.

Unrefined butter contains:

● vitamins A and E
● high proportion of essential fatty acids
● allantoin, which is extremely nourishing
● many nutrients
● mild natural protective factor.

For all lovers of natural cosmetics and all those who want to offer their skin the best possible quality products, Yanumi unrefined shea butter is definitely the right choice. You can choose from the following scents:

Choose from the following scents:

• natural • lemongrass • argan • lavender, rose, rosehip • coconut, vanilla, cocoa, almond.

Choose the scent that suits you best and improve the condition of your skin with Yanumi unrefined shea butter.