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And the story continued at home

where Martina also wanted to introduce other women to the miraculous qualities of this treasure of nature. From woman to woman.

And new journeys have given new ideas. Wandering through the narrow streets of Marrakesh and Feza, the idea for a new product – YANUMI argan oil – was born.

Used by Moroccan women for centuries and changing their lives.

When Martina’s life also changed with the three gifts of nature, out of the need for practicality and care for the health of all family members, YANUMI 100% natural deodorant was born.

Combining everything: high-quality natural ingredients for the care of our health, efficiency for well-being, travel-friendly sustainable packaging for reducing our plastic footprint in the world and long-term care for our worldly community…


Carefully selected top-quality natural ingredients that take care of our health and well-being, in sustainable and playful packaging and ready for the new adventures….


God Loves

YANUMI means God Loves

YANUMI is the result of pure love, curiosity, boldness (daring) and courage (and playfulness)

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