100% Natural Shea Butter with Rosehip 100 ml

African antioxidant for radiant complexion without irregularities

100% Natural Shea Butter with Rosehip 100 ml

Ecologically, cold-pressed, unrefined and gentle

  • for a healthy and radiant complexion without irregularities
  • Helps to restore the skin and maintains its elasticity
  • for the care of damaged and problematic skin

Are you looking for a new additive for moistening and shiny polt in your everyday beauty routine? Rich shea butter or oil with active ingredients of rose oil constitute a real elixir for a radiant and vital complexion without any irregularity, which ensures that your skin is optimally moisturized and the complexion shiny and vital. All this without stains and flush. 

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How does Shea Butter with Rosehip work on your skin?

Rich naturally Shea Butter YANUMI is an extraordinary skin moisturizer that extensively nourishes the skin and protects the vitamins E and A from free radicals and premature formation of wounds, stimulates cell renewal, helps repair damaged skin and increases its elasticity. Saturated fatty acids, which in addition to vitamins are present in natural shea butter, protect the skin from extreme external influences and retain moisture in it, thereby preventing the appearance of dry skin, and protects shea butter from harmful sun rays due to the content of cinnamic acid. The butter is well absorbed into the skin and makes it soft, smooth and flexible.

Eco-friendly, cold-pressed rose oil YANUMI with its combination of strong active ingredients represents a unique means of preventing aging of the skin, its dehydration and unequal tan, and with its high content of vitamins C and A it is excellent for treating damaged and problematic skin and skin with large pores. It is suitable for the care of dry, sensitive or oily skin and helps to prevent stretch marks and wrinkles.

The use of Shea Butter with Rosehip is particularly recommended:

  • For the care of damaged skin (acne, eczema, psoriasis ...) and skin with large pores,
  • for dry skin care, because it is effectively restored and moisturized,
  • for the care of mature skin, because it relaxes and smooths and at the same time supplies it with fat and moisture,
  • for face care and wrinkles prevention,
  • for shiny solid hair and care of dry tips (irritation, dry scalp),
  • as an ointment against pregnancy,
  • to protect against wind, cold and other weather,
  • for nail care and nail skin,
  • for the care of the whole body.

Method of using shea butter with Rosehip

For better absorption of shea butter with a bar in the skin, heat it in the palms, add a few drops of the facial mist of the Yanumi of your choice, gently blend and apply to the skin. Shea butter with a bar will soak up so quickly and you will improve its effect and penetrate the depth of the skin. If you want, excessively shea butter should be removed gently for 10 minutes after applying to the skin with a piece of wool soaked in rosary. 

Organic Butyrospermum parkii (Organic cold pressed shea butter) *, organic Rosa canina fruit oill (organic rose oil) *

* Organic production ingredients