We are aware that the quality of the raw materials we use is of utmost importance for the health of our skin, and therefore we swear only on cold pressed, natural and organic raw materials produced under controlled conditions.

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Yanumi is a Slovenian brand of premium skin care products that is suitable for those who appreciate their skin, realize that nature has immense power, and that health starts with everyday care with natural cosmetics.

Developing The Brand

  • 2008 While traveling in Ghana, the local inhabitants taught us the name: YANUMI - "God Loves"

  • 2010 Getting to know Shea Butter and the impact it has on African women.

  • 2011 First natural fair trade products from Shea Butter YANUMI.

  • 2013 Traveling to Morocco and learning about the exceptional properties of Argan Oil.

  • 2014 Natural Shea Oils are also added to Shea Butter products.

  • 2015 The first natural fair trade products from Shea Butter YANUMI.

Details That Will Convince You

  • Top products with an ecological certificate

  • Cold-pressed and unrefined raw materials that keep the amazing power of nature inside

  • Suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive and damaged skin

  • All products are free of preservatives, dyes or other synthetic additives

  • A recognized Slovenian brand with a large number of satisfied users